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Windows & Doors Installation on Long Island, NY

A part of home improvement which would be a cost savings to you as well as add value to your home is window and door replacement. In doing Long Island window and door installation, we offer only the best in windows and doors, regardless of the style you are seeking. Classic Remodeling Group, Inc. are full line home remodeling contractors with a variety of window and door options you can choose from, for the perfect fit for your home or commercial building.

New windows which are energy efficient can save you money on utility bills as drafts are kept out and heat and air conditioning are kept in. The same applies to door replacement. An improperly placed door with a huge gap at the bottom by the floor has cold air seeping in and your heat escaping out.

When you are deciding to replace your windows or doors, a visit to our showroom can help in your decision and we will be glad to help you in this regard, with the look you are wanting as well as your budget. Beautifully designed doors, especially entry doors, also bring curb appeal to your home.

There are many Long Island doors to choose from. Types of doors we can replace are: entry doors, French doors, sliding doors, patio doors, steel doors, vinyl doors, fiberglass doors, to name just a few.

There are many Long Island windows to choose from. Types of windows we can replace are: bay windows, casement windows, bow windows, awning windows, garden windows, double hung windows, picture windows, gliding windows, vinyl windows, to name a few.

Your windows or doors needs to be replaced when:

• Your home feels drafty in the winter or uncomfortably hot in the summer. Penetrating heat through your   windows makes your air conditioning work harder.
• Your heating and cooling bills are increasing (see above item).
• You're worried about the security of your windows.
• Your existing windows are faded. Old looking windows and doors makes your home look older than it is, and   looks dated.
• Your windows' glass is cracked, or the operating hardware needs repair
• You have a hard time opening or closing your windows.
• You are constantly puttying, painting and re-caulking your windows.
• You are considering selling your home. You want replacement windows and doors for that 'curb appeal' which will help clinch the sale.
• There is condensation or fog on the glass pane, or between the glass panes.
• There are windows or doors painted or nailed shut. This is a hazard since escaping from a fire would take too long.
• There is chipping, deterioration or water stains on the window or the area surrounding the window.

...Or you just want a change in the windows and doors, you want the added "warmth and comfort" that replacing your windows or doors would bring you.

The more energy efficient your home is, the higher its resale value, and naturally, the lower your heating costs.

Contact the Long Island windows and doors replacement experts, Classic Remodeling Group, Inc. for an estimate for your Long Island replacement windows or your Long Island replacement doors.