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Custom Kitchen Remodeling on Long Island, NY

custom kitchen remodelers, nassau county, long islandIn many homes, the kitchen is the "hub" where families not only cook together and eat together, but also share the day’s events. As Long Island kitchen remodeling contractors we understand the importance of your having the kitchen of your dreams, and we take pride in the quality of our kitchen remodeling services. It is important that regardless if your kitchen remodeling is small or large, contemporary or traditional, we work together with you to evaluate your lifestyle needs and your design ideas and preferences. We also work around your budget as well, as kitchens are what we are knowledgeable of and is our expertise.

One of the first steps aside from determining your budget, is the custom kitchen design that would best suit your needs. Well thought out kitchen ideas are also vital and can lower kitchen remodeling costs when there doesn’t have to be something redone.

Considerations and arrangements for the ideal kitchen includes storage, preparation and clean-up.

Over the past few decades, kitchen designs have been based on three basic layouts: the U-shaped kitchen, the L-shaped kitchen and the gallery kitchen. These use the classic work triangle concepts which positions the three major kitchen components in a triangular shape (the refrigerator, the stove and the sink).

kitchen remodelers on long island, classic remodeling group

Now multiple work centers or stations are implemented by designers. This allows more than one person to work efficiently in the kitchen without another person being in the way. Work centers are a less formal concept than the classic work triangle. You can basically create a station anywhere there is decent counter space next to a major appliance or sink.

kitchen island installation on long island, classic remodeling group Kitchen Islands:

One of the most common ways to add multiple work centers into a kitchen is with the addition of a kitchen island. Though it may appear to block clear paths of the classic work triangle, an island can create 2-4 small work stations along the perimeter. The addition of a second sink or cooktop can make an island a major work center, as well as a place for your company to be seated while you prepare your meals.

In a kitchen remodeling project, having the right finish materials is critical. Some things to consider in the five primary categories are listed below.

kitchen cabinet installation on long island, classic remodeling groupKitchen Cabinets:

The two basic cabinet styles are European-style, which is frameless, and face-framed cabinets. They can be ordered from custom or semi-custom cabinet makers, or from stock suppliers. There are a variety of door, wood and finish options for each style. Cabinets vary in degree of construction quality. Look for small details, such as roll-out or tilt-out drawer features.


kitchen flooring installation on long island, classic remodeling groupKitchen Flooring:

Sheet vinyl has been the predominant flooring option for moderately-priced kitchens. It comes in a variety of textures, designs and price ranges. Sheet vinyl has virtually replaced linoleum flooring that was popular in our grandparents’ era. Ceramic tile is another popular type of flooring in pricier kitchens. Wood flooring is also popular in moderate and high-end kitchens.


kitchen sink installation on long island, classic remodeling groupKitchen Sinks:

Sinks are made of materials such as solid surface, cast iron, stainless steel and plastic, that are mounted either top-mount or under-mount with a combination of styles and features such as single bowl, double bowl, deep or shallow bowl.

Different finishes for the faucets are polished brass or nickel, brushed nickel, chrome or stainless steel. Other options and price ranges would include pull out sprayers, single-levers, and double-handed.


kitchen appliances installation on long island, classic remodeling groupKitchen Appliances:

Factoring into the overall design is the placement of these appliances, whether built-in or free-standing. With refrigerators, you would choose between side by side refrigerators or refrigerators with top or bottom mounted freezers.


kitchen range installation on long island, classic remodeling groupKitchen Range:

Along with the traditional gas or electric ranges, are options such as halogen or smooth top cooktops, double and/or convection ovens, trash compactors, microwaves, range hoods and down draft vents.

Improving and remodeling your kitchen can be a very rewarding experience. As Long Island kitchen remodelers, you will find that our kitchen remodeling showcases makes a statement of the quality of our workmanship.

Contact Classic Remodeling Group today for an estimate for your Long Island kitchen remodeling project.